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Hallo ihr Lieben! Heute gibt es einen Beitrag, der ein bisschen aus der Reihe tanzt. Zwischen den Jahren haben wir ein kleines Interview für den Onlienshop UsTrendy gegeben. Da wir ja sonst hier nicht viel Privates oder Erfahrungen unseres „Blogger-Werdegangs“ teilen, dachten wir, dass euch die Antworten interessieren könnten 🙂

Hey guys! Today we have a kind of unusual post for you. We gave a little interview for an online shop called UsTrendy. As we are not talking a lot about our private life and our „blogging story“ here, we thought you might be interested in our answers 🙂



Is blogging a hobby or job? Are you a student too?

The blog is something between hobby and job. We are both students and have student jobs. We love fashion and blogging which is why the blog is a hobby on the one hand. On the other hand, we are able to generate a little income through the blog which is definitely a nice side effect. For the future it would be nice though to expand that it little bit which seems fair and reasonable as we are both investing a lot of time.

How’s it working together? Does it make things easier? Harder? Pros/cons?

We are friends for over ten years and the blog definitely enriched our friendship. It is great to work together on projects, collect and implement ideas and see how something you created can grow. Also, it is always really valuable to have a second opinion from someone who is as passionate about the blog as you are. Another plus is definitely that you simply are able to create more content if there is more than one person behind a blog. Overall, the pros overweight the cons. However, it is vital that you work with someone that shares the same mind set and strives for the same goal. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of conflicts because there is always someone who might work a bit harder.

Have you always had your eyes set on the fashion world?

We always loved fashion but never intended to somehow work in the fashion industry. We were a lot into purchase and sale of clothes which we did for a side income until we discovered the whole blogosphere. Only a few month after we started reading fashion blogs ourselves we decided to start our own place in the internet.

Are you a foodie?

We are both foodies which is why we also have a food section on our blog where we share our own recipes. Food photography is completely different from streetstyle photography which is why we struggled a lot in the past and did not publish as much food post as we wanted. However, food is definitely a passion from both of us and will become a more important part of Samieze in the future.

Describe your own personal style? Do they coincide with one another?

First of all, we would say that we share the same taste. Maybe it looks different to our readers but there are no big differences in what kind of clothing we like. It happens quite often, actually all the time, that we pick the same stuff from a store or online shop. Our style is rich in variety. We love vintage inspired looks as much as preppy styles as much as minimalistic looks with sneakers. Also, we really like to implement a lot of colours in our outfits. Another thing that we do a lot is to mix different kind of trends. For example, you will find a lot of outfits on Samieze in which we combined a rather feminine skirt or dress with sneakers or chunky boots. Last but not least, our style is ready-to-wear. When we founded the blog we had in mind to show looks that are as realistic as possible. This is why we waive to wear high heels in the most of our looks. Of course that looks pretty but that is just not something that could serve as a real inspiration for someone who wants to upgrade his everyday wardrobe.

Some of your fall must-haves?

Everything that is embroided. We just gave Laura for her Birthday an embroided mom jeans but embroided bomber jackets or mini skirts are also quite nice for this fall and winter. Also, we currently love colourful faux fur jackets and coats, because they are something that keep you warm and look good with everything because you can style them either preppy/chic or sporty. Another thing are glamorous chokers. Not the ones that are only made of a leather strap but the ones that are decorated with pearls and rhinstones. They are great for the festive season and are the perfect way to upgrade a simple sweater outfit. Last but not least chunky knit. This is probably something that is a must-have for every fall but we just love to rock a pretty oversize sweater with tights and boots.

Favorite food?

Really hard question! Everything that is made of a sweet potato we would say. There is a Turkish dish called Kumpir, which basically is a stuffed potato with salads, cheese and other stuff you like. We cooked it one time with sweet potato and it was super delicious. That is definitely a dish that describes our taste of food.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We find our inspiration everywhere. Of course we are reading a lot of blogs and following a lot of fashionistas on Instagram. Our favourite is definitely the Dutch Negin Mirsalehi, but we also love a lot of Spanish, US and Swedish bloggers. Another big source of inspiration can be TV shows and movies. For example, after watching Gossip Girls we were totally into headbands and preppy clothes. Last but not least, we find inspiration in our closet. We try not to buy too much and instead be creative with the stuff that we already have.

Advice you would pass on to fellow bloggers?

We think it is only natural to get inspiration from other bloggers, however one important advice is to not compare yourself too much with others. Follow your own line and taste and you will find people that appreciate what you do. Don’t be another copy of the mainstream because in the end that is nothing but boring. Another important advice is to be clear about what you want to achieve with blogging. It is a beautiful hobby but if you want to turn it into a job you really need to invest a lot of time. Creating content is not only the half of the work behind a succesul blog.

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